Millharbour Marketing has rebranded as Sponsor View to better reflect the research services that we now offer and the contribution we make to improving the world of commercial partnerships.

The company was founded in 2013, originally providing strategic marketing and sponsorship consultancy for brands, suppliers and rights holders.

In 2021, the company introduced a new service called Sponsor View, the first sponsor satisfaction research and measurement service of its kind, based on a three-year study in partnership with Loughborough University.

Sponsor View enables rights holders to better understand their sponsors’ expectations, track partnership management performance, and identify how they can evolve their offering, improve their service and increase the value they provide.

“Sponsor View has been the focus of our business for the past few years and is now the core of what we do.


With Sponsor View we have created an insightful and structured way to measure sponsor satisfaction that leading rights holders already rely on to better understand their partners and, ultimately, drive retention and acquisition.


This change in our business means that the Sponsor View name now better represents what we do. We are proud of the first 10 years of the business as Millharbour Marketing and we are excited for the next 10 years as Sponsor View.”

Sophie Morris, Co-Founder & Director, Sponsor View

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