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Sponsor View

Sponsor satisfaction research and measurement

Identify what matters to your sponsors

Sponsor View gives rights holders the in-depth understanding to advance their offering and increase sponsor satisfaction.

We independently investigate the extent to which sponsors’ expectations are met in terms of performance, rights acquired, and service received.

This research provides rich insights and a measurement framework to help rights holders monitor the evolution of their sponsors’ needs, efficiently improve, and drive excellence in the management of these complex business relationships.

Our interview-based methodology is based on a world-leading academic study conducted in collaboration with Loughborough University London and is carried out by a team of industry practitioners and scientific experts.

Our study shows that service is central to the success of any sponsorship. ¹

Sponsorship service constitutes a substantial component of the sponsors’ overall satisfaction, and it spans multiple dimensions that reach far beyond the mere delivery of the contractual obligations.

The quality of service that rights holders are able to provide has a growing impact on the value of the sponsorship and is a major factor in a sponsor’s decision to sign or renew a contract.

Yet, sponsor feedback methodologies haven’t been able to keep up with the growing complexity of the sponsor-rights holder relationship, leaving the latter often uncertain about how the relationships should improve and evolve.

¹ From “What drives service quality in sponsorship”. A global research study with 384 leading sponsors conducted between 2018-2021 by Millharbour Marketing and Loughborough University.

Why Sponsor View exists

To empower rights holders to improve their commercial performance by increasing the value they provide to sponsors, driving satisfaction, and strengthening relationships.

What rights holders say about Sponsor View

How rights holders benefit from Sponsor View

Superior insights

  • Scientifically robust research methodology 
  • In-depth insights and actionable findings
  • Independent and transparent data gathering and analysis
  • Measurable insights for continuous evaluation

Easier sponsor management

  • Understand the diverse needs of sponsors
  • Prioritise areas of improvement
  • Review processes and raise standards

Tangible business results

  • Bring efficiency and cost-saving
  • Improve sponsor satisfaction and renewal rates
  • Make sponsorship relationship management measurable and accountable 

Science-based and practice-led

Our research service is based on a model created with input from sponsorship experts from both rights holders and sponsors, and was statistically validated by an extensive study with sponsors, which confirmed the critical factors that affect service quality.

This work, conducted in collaboration with Loughborough University London, allowed us to develop a Sponsorship Service Quality measurement scale as well as the conceptual framework for investigating the wider concept of sponsor satisfaction on behalf of individual rights holders.


Research of this calibre on sponsorship service


Research and analysis methodology

Highly Reliable

Statistical significance of findings

Worldwide Study

Targeting prominent sponsors and covering all the main sponsorship markets

384 Leading Professionals

Qualified through strict criteria over experience and seniority

Created and delivered in collaboration

Sponsor View is the result of a longstanding collaboration between Millharbour Marketing (our parent company) and Loughborough University London.

We are a group of industry practitioners and academics who are passionate about increasing knowledge in the fields of sponsorship, business management, and education.

Our intrinsic curiosity, the desire to learn and improve, and the importance we give to listening and dialogue are at the core of what motivates us to produce instruments that help our clients drive excellence, innovation, and growth for their organisations.

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