Challengers by philosophy.

Leaders by ideas, dedication and outcomes.

We are research specialists committed to helping rights holders grow by placing sponsors at the centre of their businesses.

We help them understand the value they need to provide to sponsors, support decision-making and provide the necessary tools to bring the plan to life.

Our ambition

To help rights holders become essential to their partners by generating uncompromising value and trust.

Our motivation

Finding effective ways to unlock complex business challenges through solutions that will benefit all stakeholders involved.

Our plan

To ground our advice on empirical research, challenging assumptions, constantly developing ourselves, listening to our clients and fostering open and constructive dialogue.

Our journey

Sponsor View is a research company with a specific focus on the sponsorship industry.

Our background in strategic marketing and business management has led us, over the years, to develop a stronger interest in the analytical part of the strategic process.

This is where rights holders can gain confidence in their endeavours to generate profit for their companies and also understand how to provide more value to their sponsors and other prominent stakeholders.

As marketers at heart with a strong interest in sponsorship, supporting commercial teams in balancing these two aspects is where we want our research services to be. With Sponsor View, we help them achieve just that.

The research team


Sophie Morris

Co-Founder & Director

About Sophie

I am a Chartered Marketer who specialises in research and sponsorship. I help clients understand how to provide value, increase efficiency and improve their commercial performance by using specially built research and analysis instruments.

I have worked in marketing for over 20 years and in sponsorship for 17 years. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a member of the Market Research Society.

I am Chair of the European Sponsorship Association (ESA), and also sit on the Advisory Boards of the Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University and the Danish sponsorship group ‘SPOT:ON, as well as judging sponsorship awards in the UK, Belgium, Slovenia, and for ESA.


Emanuele Cendron

Co-Founder & Director

About Emanuele

Research, strategy, and concept development are my main areas of focus at Sponsor View, for which I draw on my previous experience in B2B industries and a broad postgraduate education spanning strategic marketing management, project management, philosophy, neurosciences, and the arts.

I’m constantly looking to improve our research services with the aim of bringing clarity that supports decision-making and measurable results for our clients.

In doing this, I always try to be thought-provoking and to combine creativity and rigour – ever-present aspects of everything I do at work and beyond.


Loughborough University London

Research Partner

About Loughborough University London

Loughborough University is the best university in the world for sports-related subjects, according to the QS World University Rankings, with an outstanding contribution in terms of research output and impact.

The partnership between Sponsor View (formerly Millharbour Marketing) and The Institute for Sport Business, based at the London campus, comprises different areas, from wider industry research to teaching, and extends to supporting us in the analysis work we carry out for our clients.

Being able to have contributions from exceptional academics and researchers helps us bring new perspectives to each project and reach further layers of sophistication in the insights we provide through Sponsor View.

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