National Sponsorship Representatives

Sophie Morris, Director of Millharbour Marketing (now Sponsor View) was delighted to be in Brussels last week, not only to attend SponsorLive – The ESA Annual Summit – but also to hold the first meeting of the European Sponsorship Association’s (ESA) National Representatives Group.

ESA’s mission is to ‘unite, inspire and grow the sponsorship industry’. As an ESA Board Director, Sophie is always thinking about how to best deliver that. It was whilst talking with the Millharbour team that the idea came about to bring all the different National Sponsorship Associations together to form a European sponsorship working group to help and learn from each other.

The group’s role is to:

  • Discuss the sponsorship issues and trends across Europe and how we can drive the industry forward together
  • Be a forum to share best practice and insights, including case studies that highlight the power of sponsorship
  • Help in sourcing speakers for European sponsorship National Associations’ conferences and events
  • Understand the needs of the members of different countries and help ESA to deliver value to them
  • Inform the content of ESA events, resources and qualifications to ensure European-wide viewpoint.

We are proud to see this European sponsorship group all coming together for the first meeting, with representatives from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Russia, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, France and the UK.  We will convene four times a year – 3 via conference call and one meeting to coincide with SponsorLive every year.

National Sponsorship Associations Group meeting in BrusselsNot all countries have an official association and so we are also looking to bring together organisers of European sponsorship conferences and networking groups to represent the sponsorship industry in their country.

We are calling for all European countries to join and so please do get in touch if you’d like to see your country represented in this group.