All companies have a responsibility to respect international human rights standards, to avoid infringing on the human rights of others and to address these impacts where they occur, as set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


At Millharbour Marketing, we commit to respect all internationally recognized human rights standards, at a minimum to be the International Bill of Rights and the ILO’s Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and we expect those we work with to do the same.




The Directors of Millharbour Marketing are responsible for ensuring adherence to this commitment, reviewing that the commitment remains adequate and ensuring that any potential breaches are investigated.


Whilst it is not expected that our business operations will cause negative human rights impacts, our due diligence process is designed to identify, prevent and mitigate any impacts.


The impact of our work


Our business exists to generate insights and provide commercial expertise to third party companies. We looked at the direct and indirect impact that our work has on human rights, identified the most prominent areas of risk and what we do to ensure we prevent any violation.



All our staff are employed under the recognition of the legislation regarding non-discrimination, equality, child labour, forced labour, freedom of association, health and safety, working conditions and working hours, fair wages, harassment, accessibility, maternity protection and the right to strike.


All staff are informed about these rights for their protection, but also have the responsibility to respect them in relation to other company employees or employees of third party companies, where relevant, and adhere to the Employee Code of Conduct.


This includes compliance with our Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy.


Our clients

The advice and the insights we provide can have an impact on how clients change their business objectives, processes and practices, therefore we make sure that we never steer any company towards decisions that can negatively affect the rights of people and the environment.


Before accepting any assignment, we verify a company’s reputation and request the appropriate policies and commitments. Where relevant, we also adopt legal contractual clauses for which, in the event of proven disrespect of human rights, we notify the client to adopt corrective measures and, in case such measures are not taken, we are entitled to rescind the commercial relationship.



We are increasingly aware that choosing reputable suppliers for the goods and services we require in order to run our business is important for individuals, the society and the environment. Human rights are part of our selection criteria and we seek to establish relationships with companies that share our same principles and values. This is why we make sure that relevant clauses are added to the contracts should there be any area of concern.


The research subjects

Our field of research is largely based on the information we acquire from individuals. We ensure that research participants are provided with all the information required to understand the scope of the research, how the data we collect is going to be used and to protect their privacy. This is done by delivering in advance the Participant Information and Informed Consent documents as part of our service. Privacy Notice




If any employee, client, supplier, research subject or other stakeholder believes there has been a violation of human rights, they are asked to report it immediately. Millharbour Marketing will actively engage in remediation if it causes or contributes to negative human rights impact, and will provide for or cooperate in the remediation of such impact through legitimate mechanisms.


Reviewed and approved by the Company Directors on 13.10.2021 by the Company Directors.